Finance - frequently asked questions

Here are some questions that we are often asked relating to SCITT finance:

  • What are the costs of the course?

Salaried trainees: no tuition fee course costs (host school pays) / PGCE uplift £2,000 / not eligible for student funding

Fee Funded trainees: £8,000 tuition fee costs / PGCE uplift £1,250 / can apply for student funding

  • As a fee funded trainee, how can I pay for the training year?

Options include:

Self-finance:  tuition fees are paid by the individual – invoiced each term in the ratio 25/25/50% of course fees

Tuition fee loans: check eligibility via the Student Loan Company / max value £9,250

Maintenance loans: Can be used to help fund living expenses for the year.  Apply directly to the SLC.

Bursaries: Available for certain subjects only - £24,000 Chemistry, Computing, Maths & Physics / £10,000 MFL / £7,000 Biology.  You can either just take a bursary only / or top up the bursary with a tuition fee loan.  Main eligibility requirements: minimum 2.2 degree / you are a UK national or have ‘settled status’ / you normally live in England / have been living in the UK for 3 continuous years before the 1st day of your course.   Further info is on this website:

Scholarships: Available for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computing only.  The payment schedule is the same as the bursary schedule.  You can’t apply for a bursary if you have been awarded a scholarship.

  • Would I be able to apply for the subject bursary/scholarship despite having a degree in another (non-bursary) subject?

‚ÄčYes - it is the subject that you want to train to teach in, not the degree subject, that triggers the bursary.

  • How do I apply for student finance?

Applications are made directly by the trainee to the SLC.  We will send out all the information that you need to know.  You need to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and the SLC have your bank details. 

  • If I already have an outstanding Student Loan (from my first degree), am I able to apply for a further loan?

Yes, you are able to apply for an additional tuition fee loan to support your ITT training.

  • How do payments work?

Tuition fees are paid directly to GLF for the course costs – you will not receive an invoice for course fees therefore if you have a loan.

Bursaries / scholarships are paid directly to the trainee’s bank account.  The 1st payment is made at the end of October and there are 10 instalments.  If applying for a bursary only, GLF invoice for the cost of the course over the 3 terms in the ratio 25/25/50%.

Maintenance loans: are paid directly to the trainee’s bank account.