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We believe that the best place for you to learn how to become an excellent classroom practioner is in a school.  GLF Schools’ Teacher Training offers you school based training in either a primary or a secondary school, depending on your teaching preference, allowing you to learn in a school environment as a member of the educational team from day one.  You will receive excellent training from highly skilled teachers and professionals who are passionate about education and there to support you.   

There is a gradual approach to lesson teaching and you won't be expected to teach on your own from day one.  You will be a part of our team from the start of your trianing and our aim is to ensure that you become a competent and successful teacher, developing a long term career pathway in education.

As we have partnerships in a variety of schools, we can offer experience of working with young people of all abilities, across the full range of comprehensive education.  If you are studying to be a secondary teacher, at least one of your placements will provide access to post-16 learners.

Training covers all eight Teacher’s Standards that you must meet in order to receive Qualified Teacher Status at the end of the course.  

Within our school based training programme we offer two routes into teaching, depending on your circumstances.

  • SCITT Core: self funded with the help or bursaries and / or student loans
  • Salaried: you earn a salary whilst you train

Both routes also offer the ability to study for a PGCE with Roehampton University, should you wish.  Both routes also lead to 'Qualified Teacher Status' or QTS.

The SCITT Core and Salaried routes are full-time but please contact us if you would be interested in pursuing a part-time teacher training programme (0208 716 4934).

Please access our tabs for further information on either primary or secondary teaching routes or see our brochure:

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