Gaining school experience

School experience is essential if you are considering training to be a teacher; you must have completed at least five days of recent experience in the classroom prior to applying so that you can reflect on your observations in your UCAS personal statement. We recommend you have experience in at least 2 schools over the last year.


We offer two initial days of secondary experience at Glyn School; the cost is £15 and payment will be required in advance.  The dates available are:

9th and 10th November 2017  
23rd & 24th November 2017 Maths full
11th & 12th January No music places
25th & 26th January 2018  
1st & 2nd February 2018 No drama or music places
22nd & 23rd February 2018  
1st & 2nd March 2018  
15th & 16th March 2018 No music places

We offer school experience in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing, English, MFL (French and/or Spanish), Music, Drama, Art and Design, Business Studies, PE, History, Geography and RS.  Availability of places is limited by faculty size, so please try and be flexible with your dates.

If you would like to book some school experience, please use this form.  We can also offer the opportunity to gain further school experience within our partnership schools. 


Details of our primary school experience will follow shortly.

DfE School Experience Portal

You can also gain school experience in other primary and secondary schools through the DfE portal.  If you are keen to undertake schools experience as soon as you can in order to submit your teacher training application, we recommend that you sign up for DfE experience and GLF School's experience.