What to expect from our training programme

Our training programme includes school led training and weekly training sessions that teach key elements of subject knowledge and pedagogy.  Our training sessions are delivered by highly experienced professionals within our partnership schools.   

The GLF Schools' Teacher Training programme includes:

  • A comprehensive Induction programme
  • Individual Training Plans to ensure that you develop to your full potential
  • A gradual introduction to teaching which builds throughout the year
  • Professional Skills courses 
  • Subject Knowledge Enhancement training
  • Close support from a mentor
  • Guidance from a Professional Tutor who is there to support both you and your mentor
  • Opportunities to develop supportive and professional relationships with fellow trainees in other schools
  • Guidance from skilled educational practioners across our partnership schools
  • A second school placement in the Spring term for 6 weeks to provide a contrasting setting
  • The opportunity to visit a primary school for secondary trainees and vice versa, thus ensuring that you gain an overall picture of the education system
  • A dedicated Teacher Training team who are there to answer any questions and provide support where needed
  • Access to Career Professional Development within host schools
  • Career advice and assistance
  • Ongoing support post NQT status 

Our aim is to ensure you achieve your potential and are able to progress within the educational profession.